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Universal Serial Bus (USB) connects more than computers and peripherals. It has the power to connect you with a whole new world of PC experiences.  USB Overview   USB-FAQ

ADS Technologies.com is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and EEE-1394 /FireWire solutions for the personal computer.
Apple-USB - The Universal Serial Bus (USB) combines all of the advantages of a multiplatform standard including decreased cost, increased compatibility, and a greater number of available peripherals.
ATEN Int'l providing a diversified lineup of hundreds of auto switch boxes, video splitters, interface converters, networking products, and IEEE1394 connectivity products.
Belkin.com Belkin Corporation is the preeminent technology leader in connectivity solutions for the computer and consumer electronics user.
Castlewood.com - ORB, high-performance removable media drives using revolutionary magnetoresistive
(MR) head technology.
Fantom USB Storage -
USB/FireWire combination case / hard drives.
Iomega.com - the leading manufacturer of smart, portable storage solutions, including drives and disks.
Everything USB - is is stepping up to the plate.
USB Ethernet™ Adapter -
provides an easy way to connect a USB-enabled desktop or laptop PC to 10BaseT Ethernet.
QVS USB 2.0 extenders
U.S.B. Home USB Org.

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