Roberts Electric Vehicle Conversion Project

This project is just beginning! Some time ago I saw a Dealer promo for the Suzuki Swift+ here in Canada for $9,995.00! Even here that was one steal of a price. Of course - this is just one of the parts to such a project, but still a pretty big one, even so!

So - time has past, and I figured - let's go have a look and see if it is still for sale at that price! Sure enough - it was still up on the display ramp with the BIG Yellow Numbers "$9,995" on the Red Swift+!

Taking another look at this car, with the idea to make it the base 'Donor Vehicle' for an Electric Vehicle conversion has been my thought since I first saw the incredible price.

This is one view of the car here!
Click the Car for a large image. pic of a 2005 Suzuki Swift+ (similar to the 2006)
Of course - up until the vehicle is actually purchased - I am open to alternative vehicle considerations!

I am planning a process of Sponsorship and Key Support Team for the project. I am accepting Sponsorship Donations to this project here: ** Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! ** Click here to go to my Sponsoring Donations details page

Currently - Any amount you can give will be appreciated.

More details - Click this link to my Sponsoring Donations Details Page: ** Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! ** Click here to go to my Sponsoring Donations details page

This project is beginning on Saturday, June 3, 2006.

News Flash!

A step on the pathway to my New Car Conversion has begun!
I have aquired a 1989 Pontiac Firefly that has been Converted from Gas to Electric as a School Project. I am cleaning it up at this time. See Forum Below: '' for more info.

The Car was aquired from Howard Hutt, President of the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, and I have made a website for tracking that project at It includes a link to a Blog (External) and a link to information I posted on the Austin EV Site - (External).
Click the Car for a large image. Small pic of my firefly after the Safety Bodywork was done

Some Links to Sources of information I am drawing on for this project:

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada
REV Consultants Ltd.; Ottawa, Ontario
Canadian Electric Vehicles; Errington, B.C. (Vancouver Island)
ElectroCraft Systems; Supliers and Service, Support; a Forum on the Hybrid Honda Insight & Mods; A forum on the 3 Cylinder Cars

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