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Aircraft Design - Dan Raymer's RDS Aircraft Design Software is a sophisticated yet user-friendly PC-based computer program developed by an industry-experienced aircraft designer for the conceptual design and analysis of new and modified aircraft.
DAR Corp - Airplane design software, textbooks and consulting services since 1991. DAR corporation's extensive library consists of over 1,000 airplane design and analysis texts, USAF, NASA and ESDU reports.
DaVinci Technologies - Makers of AirplanePDQ, an airplane design and analysis tool specifically tailored for the experimental aircraft enthusiast.
Dedalius Aviation - The initial application of the PEGA-STOL wing kit is the CH701. Fortunately,the PEGA-STOL wing kit may be installed on any advanced ultra-light aircrafts (gross weight -1200 lbs).

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Stanford University: Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics prepares students for professional positions in industry, government, and academia through a comprehensive program of graduate teaching and research.

University of South Dakota: 
Aerospace Engineering Program is a four-year curriculum that begins with fundamental engineering courses in mechanics, thermo-dynamics, materials, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
University of Toronto.
Institute for Aerospace Studies.

Excellence in Research and Education, Graduate Studies.

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