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Atkins Rotary Specialties, Inc.
Serving the world with modified rotary engines for home built aircraft & special applications.
Aviation History - Aircraft Engines
Custom Aircraft Parts We can custom design any exhaust system your installation may require.
Eggenfellner Aircraft When you power your RV or Glastar home-built with an Eggenfellner Aircraft Engine, you are getting the latest in engineering - 21st century engineering.
Ellison Fluid Systems The Ellison
Throttle Body Injector delivers reliable fuel metering for aircraft engines, and is fully aerobatic, low maintenance, lightweight, and offers instantaneous throttle response.
Falconer Engines The Falconer V-12 is the powerplant of choice for the Thunder Mustang by Papa 51.
Franklin Aircraft Engines offers a fully FAA certified, reliable and economical powerplant in a 4 cylinder 125 hp and a 6 cylinder 220 hp configuration.
Hexadyne Aviation the HEXADYNE P60 engine.The 60HP Champ - Lightweight and Air-Cooled.
IVO Prop The IVOPROP operates on a COMPLETELY NEW AND UNIQUE adjustable pitch system that allows for substantially less hardware and rotating mass than any other ground pitch adjustable prop.
JPX Aircraft Engines This engine has set a new standard for the paramotor industry and several world endurance records. The D-320 is also adapted to other vehicles such as ultralights, motorgliders, UAV, hovercraft and more.
Leading Edge Airfoils The oldest and largest dealer of ultralight and experimental aircraft parts and supplies. Sales of flight and engine instruments. Rotax engine repair and seminars.
Limbach Aircraft Engines More than 5.500 Limbach aircraft engines are used in flying worldwide and have logged over 16 million hours.
Lockwood Aviation Rotax Aircraft Engine Parts Plus Many Other Light Aircraft Parts and Accessories.
Moravia - Lom Engine Dealer For those aircraft builders who are searching for a reliable aircraft engine with the highest level of sophisticated aircraft engine engineering and a proven track record.
Powersport Aviation Developers of The Powersport RE-215 Rotary Aircraft Engine, PSRD-300 Reduction Drive, Multi-Function Cockpit Display System.
Quinti/Avio Propellers The FLYSPEED is a high performance governor designed to maximize an electrical variable pitch propeller, with advanced safety features.
Rotary Power Enterprise, Inc. RPI is the world's only manufacturer of stratified charge rotary engines and large rotary engines, now owned by PowerCold Products, Inc.
Textron Lycoming Produces the Worlds only FAA Certified Aerobatic Piston Engines and Helicopter Engines.
Vesta V8 Development of auto engines and drive systems for experimental aircraft.
VW Engine Centre Experimental Aircraft Engines and Components Specialist in PSRU and Direct Drive and Distributor of Bolly Propellers.
Zephyr Aircraft Engines Customers are always welcome at our facility. Our engine overhauls are done not only to factory new tolerances but to the high test standards possible within economic practicality.
Zoche Engines direct drive, air cooled, radial two-stroke cycle Diesel with 4 cylinders per row. Feature two stage charging (turbo- and supercharger), direct fuel injection and intercooling.

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Tetraethyl lead - when the supply of 100LL dries up.
Pelican's Perch #55:Lead in the Hogwash

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