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Alibre Design free-demo-cd

Antares - A Self-Starting Silent Super
Sailplane. The 42 Kw Electric Motorglider
from Lange-Flugzeugbau.
Glider Pilot Network - the one stop, non stop site for glider pilots all over the world!
gliding.start4all.com Large List of links
for Gliding Federations, Gliders, and Clubs!
Quick Answers about Soaring Here are some of the often misunderstood facts about soaring that you should be aware of.
Sailplanes in Australia In Australia
all gliders; sailplanes, motor gliders and
self-launching sailplanes come under the umbrella of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA).,with delegation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Sailplane Manufacturers and Equipment
Great Source for info, manufacturers, Instruments, Clubs, & More!
Silent by Alisport - light glider, fuel-injected self-launching light glider, construction kits, 13 Kw electric self-launch version.
Swedish Military In the thirties, the interest for gliding started in Sweden.
Gliding World Records - the latest records and record claims processed by the FAI.

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