About Aircraft Computational

Aircraft Computational specializes in invention and design of new product ideas on limited budgets. The Principal, Robert Weekley, has over 12 years expertise in aircraft assembly  with two Major Aircraft Manufactures: Macdonnell Douglas Canada, and Bombardier Aerospace, DeHavilland; plus a brief period of Airline Maintenance Service with both Wardair, and a smaller service. This plus experience in the Kit Plane Market with the Vans Aircraft RV-3. As such, his primary interest is Aircraft and in design of Aircraft Components, Modifications, and additions.
During his time in these positions he often solved production issues by creating new tools or shop aids as required. Previous experience includes concrete construction, steel reinforcing installation, blueprint reading and checking and general drafting processes. Being raised on a Farm, he learned a lot about making things work, and turning a challenge into a solution.
Robert also has experience with designing and fabricating sheet metal and machined components and assemblies. Robert expects that using Alibre Design will allow relatively easy design solutions to be accomplished for his own projects, and also those of others.
Robert currently is primarily occupied in creating Tutorials for the existing base of Alibre Design New Users. These Tutorials may be seen at the Training & Tutorials page. These Tutorials are designed to give repetitious activity, through a step by step, easy to follow, graphical and textual procedure. Robert has created these tutorials with his experience in Web Page Creation, Photoshop and SnagIt use. They are here to fill a perceived void, and allow anyone 24 x 7 access to extra training. Future tutorials will also add audio in controllable links.
Existing plans are being developed for particular Aircraft and other projects, with more details in the Projects page.
Available services from Alibre Design support in Mechanical CAD, to various other available services are outlined in the Services directory.
If you like to find things for free, check out the Free Stuff directory, where from totally free to free trials are accessible.
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Based in Ontario, Canada. May be contacted directly through the Contact Us page.