Alibre Design & Alibre Design Xpress Tutorials

These free Alibre Design CAD Tutorials are oriented for different levels of Experience in the Mechanical 3D CAD World.
If you have experience in Parametric Solids Modeling with SOLIDWORKS or Solid Edge - you will find them quite easy.
While they were written for use with the V6 and V7 User Interface rather than the current Newer Upgraded versions of
Alibre Design or Alibre Design Xpress, they are basically the same in most parts.

For now they are in Acrobat 5.0 pdf format Click Here if you need Adobe Reader: 

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The First Tutorials are for BRAND NEW CAD users - New to Alibre Design and CAD. The 'Complete' Exercises include step-by-step screen-capture graphics and text instructions combined. These are designed to compliment and supplement the tutorials built in to Alibre Design, and Alibre Design Xpress, to give more practice at performing the normal commands, functions, and menu selections for sketching, features, etc., so as to build familiarity and speed.

New CAD & New Alibre Design Users

Exercise 1: Revolve

Bowl Images

Bowl-1 Exercise Complete *Online Dec.17/03 (11 Pages)

Bowl-1a.jpg  Bowl-1b.jpg

Bowl-1 Command Review *Online Dec.17/03

Bowl-1 Exercise - Text only *Online Dec.17/03 (2 Pages)

Exercise 2: Revolve

Globe Images

Globe-1 Exercise Complete *Online Dec.17/03 (22 Pages)

globe-1a.jpg  globe-1b.jpg

Globe-1 Command Review *New Feb.13/04  (Landscape Mode)

Globe-1 Exercise - Text Only *Updated March 3/04 (3 Pages)

Exercise 3: Extrude Track Channel Images

Track-Channel-1_Exercise Complete *New Feb.18/04 (20 Pages)

track-channel-1a.jpg  track-channel-1b.jpg

Track-Channel-1 Exercise - Text Only *New Dec.18/03 (4 Pages)

Exercise 4: Extrude Step Pyramid Images

Step-Pyramid-1 Exercise - Complete *New Mar. 24/04 (26 Pages)

step-pyramid-1-a.jpg   step-pyramid-1-b.jpg

Step-Pyramid-1 Exercise - Text Only *New Mar. 21/04 (8 Pages)

Exercise 5: Loft

Loft-Tube Images

Loft-Tube-1 Exercise - Complete *New June 7/04 (28 Pages)

loft-tube-1.jpg   loft-tube-2.jpg

Loft-Tube-1 Exercise - Text-Only *Corrected June 7/04 (8 Pages)

Exercise 6: Loft

Loft-Vase Images

Loft-Vase-1 Exercise - Complete  *New April 16/04 (31 Pages)

Loft-Vase-1.jpg   loft-vase-2.jpg

Loft-Vase-1 Exercise - Text-Only *New Mar. 29/04 (8 Pages)

Exercise 7: Sweep Toilet-Lid Images

Toilet-Lid-1 Exercise - Complete * Oct 16/04 (23 Pages)


Toilet-Lid-1 Exercise - Text Only * June 27/04 (5 Pages)

Exercise 8: Sweep Foot-Scrubber Images

Foot-Scrubber-1 Exercise - Complete * Oct 18/04 (27 Pages)


Foot-Scrubber-1 Exercise - Text Only * June 27/04 (8 Pages)

Alibre Design Xpress Tutorials have begun with Exercise # 9.
Exercise 9: Extrude Boss & Cut Intro Napkin-Holder Image

Table Napkin Holder - Complete * Aug 17/06 (23 Pages)

Click here to see some Images of parts or models I have created with Alibre Design.
This Tutorial index page - complements of Robert Brian Weekley, alibre user: rbrian.

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