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April 20, 2004


Went over a couple of your tutorials. I think they are very well acomplished. Congratulations on a nice work! Gaspar Magove Forum

May 11, 2004


I just want to tell you that your tutorial was great. I'd hope more people try it out. I learned a few things that surprised me. Pete Forum

May 22, 2004


Hello there,  I just thought I'd say hello to you since I saw your website and I tried out your lessons too and I liked them. I am from Canada as well from Kitchener. I purchased the professional version of the software and I really like it. So anyways I don't want to bug you I just thought I say hi to you ;)   Krisz Message

June 08, 2004


Robert, Truly excellent work!!! Your tutorials are clear, accurate and really informative.   Wonderful!
Patrick Mullarky; Northwest Computer Engineering  pat@nwce.com

June 15, 2004


Hi Robert,  Thanks for the links. I have to say that I found Alibre very frustrating to use mainly because I have been using Cadkey for so long. It also seemed a little too simplified and I could not even figure out how to draw an airfoil. I use a spline function in Cadkey for this and it works great. Alibre sent me some instructional disks as a promotion but I have not tried them out yet.Rgds.....Rob Yahoo

June 15, 2004


The images are great!!! All I know is that Alibre needs to hire you to create their tutorials because you really show the power and ability of the tool which according to the price many people think it’s not powerful at all. Keep up the good work and thanks for providing this service for FREE !! You have helped me alot in my modeling. James F. Newman Forum

Oct. 23, 2004


James F. Newman says:
   Man I'm so Glad you created a photorender tutorial
MSN Chat

February 13, 2005

F.A. Volker

Nice job all around on putting together a great site. I'm a new Alibre user and have absolutely zero experience with any serious CAD package. I'm now looking at your revolve and sweep tutorials. I've added this site to my favorites list. Hotmail

June 21, 2005

Joe Peterson

Hello Robert, I have used some of your tutorials and they have been very helpful in learning the basics of Alibre. I would like to compliment you on them, they are written quite well for a user new to the software. ...
Project Engineer, Control Services of Minnesota, Inc

December 19, 2005

Craig Wells

I have been using your tutorials for Alibre Xpress in High School.(Vase, Bowl, Pyramid, etc.)I would love have more as well as tutorials related to NEW Drawings etc. If you have more or can direct me to sources for some simple lessons and activities that might be useful high school, then that would be appreciated. Has anyone created an entry level book / tutorial ?
Technology Coordinator, Exploits Valley High, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL Canada

June 26, 2006

Fischer Franz

Bowl-1_Complete: Hi Robert! Your little tutorials are a great help for me! As a total beginner in 3d-cad i stumbled over alibre express and im doing my very first steps with it. Great!!!! I need it in my job for designing little mechanical parts like front-panels or lens-holders for example. I succeeded in drawing easy parts,even with holes in it, but i have difficulties in understanding how to re- select and edit holes (position and diameters) or how to delete single holes. Maybe, you may add some little tutorials for such "easy" actions for absolute beginners like me. Thank You! Franz Fischer (from Germany, Bavaria) Hotmail

June 29, 2006


Hi. I am impressed with your tutorials. Never found out these cool options existed for such useful stuffs. Thank you.
P.S. Tooth paste tube has not been so prominent ever in my life till I saw your tutorial. --- Best Regards. T.Ikegami
Forum PM

July 4, 2006

Patrick Lorenz

Loft-Vase-1_Complete: Rob, Great tutorial! Keep up the good work and adding more tutorials. They are very helpful.
Thanks for the efforts and making them free. Pat

Nov. 5, 2006

Denis Gagne

Globe-1_Complete: Hello Rob; I'm just a newcomer to cad software, I do it for a hobby now that I'm retired. I've completed 3 of your tutorials and I must say that they are about the best I've attempted. Thanks Denis Hotmail

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